Bike Preparation


Basic requirements :

  • Check your tires. Worn out tires are extremely dangerous and we take this seriously.  Minimum requirement is 50% or more life left in them.
  • Remove motorcycle mirrors. If this task is complicated on your machine, you can tape them up with painter’s tape or duct tape.
  • Taping headlights is optional but should be disconnected. Tail lights must be disabled or taped.
  • Wheel weights must be covered with duct tape.
  • Double check if your motorcycle controls (throttle, brake, clutch, shifter) are working properly.
  • Make sure you have proper chain tension.   1″ to 1.5″ of slack is ideal.  Chains that are too loose or too tight will not pass tech inspection
  • Make sure there are no loose or missing parts.
  • Check to make sure there are no leaks (motor oil, coolant, fork oil).
  • Cameras mounted to helmet prohibited.
  • GoPros or any other recording devices. We strongly recommend that these devices should be  tethered to your motorcycle.
It is not required for our trackday  events, but we strongly recommend that riders safety wire their motorcycle oil caps and drain bolts. These two bits locked in place keeps oil off the track and makes everyone’s day better. Our Sponsor MOTO-D offers Magnetic Drain Bolts and Aluminum Oil Fill Caps pre-drilled for safety wire.
You can purchase these items at their website
Join Waitlist This is a first come first serve basis waiting list. We will inform you if a rider cancels and if you are the next on the list, the spot will be yours. You will have 24 hours to pay for it, otherwise the next rider after you will be offered the spot.