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Mar-19-2021-2WTD (Fri) [[b68d0b2e19]] - A Group - Bowl Backside (11am) - CVR_2227_Mar1921_


As you  know, whether or not you’d like to admit it, is that there is a gap. It may be one that you see daily, or one that you never even knew existed. Let me tell you right now, this gap does exist, and we see it every single day. It’s the gap between street and track riders. It’s something that can turn expensive, and unfortunately, dangerous and fatal.

What can we do? What can we as a community do? Let us tell you what 2WTD wants to do. This is our idea, on bridging this gap.

We will pair a licensed racer with a new, or even a not so new rider for a day. They will pit and ride together in an effort to show beginners or novice riders  how to take the next step to improve their skill set. An effort to promote safe riding in a truly controlled environment.

This is a free program and it is limited to a small number of riders per event.

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