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Natalie P.

Name: Natalie Pung

City: Escondido, CA

Race #: One day will have one, let's say it's my favorite number 27 for now

Motorcycle: Ducati Panigale 959

Favorite Track: Buttonwillow

How you we're introduced to the racetrack? I dated someone in my early 20s who rode motorcycles. At the time, I didn't have a good paying job or health insurance so I would backpack with him on the canyons or go support him at the track. I got introduced to watching MotoGP races and the overflowing love and support of the riding community. I made it my personal goal to get my own bike to go ride the canyons and track once I got in a stable career.

What group do you ride in? B Group

Next 2WTD event you plan on attending? Nothing in the works yet but hoping to make it to Big Willow or Buttonwillow next.

Fun info: Besides riding motorcycles, I love to snowboard, scuba dive, hike, travel, visit national parks and check off that never ending bucket list!

Instagram name: @Npung27


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