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Alysha Dyer

Name: Alysha Dyer

Fun Information About Yourself: I am a sign language interpreter

City you live in: Pasadena, CA

Motorcycle(s): GSXR 600 - 2007

Favorite Tracks: Chuckwalla

How were you introduced to the racetrack? Started riding during Covid and after a while I wanted to get off of busy LA streets!

What group do you ride in? C group, will try B group soon

Favorite racer / in which racing series? Francesco "Pecco" Bagnaia MotoGP

Next 2WTD event you plan on attending? Not sure hopefully soon though.

Anyone on staff that you enjoyed working with? Steven and Willie in C group class were awesome helped me improve a lot!

Instagram name: Peasha_xo

Alysha, we really enjoyed having you out at Chuckwalla. It was great riding with you and seeing you improve dramatically with each session. Your a great rider and we look forward to doing it again soon.

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1 Comment

cant wait to see you/ ride with you at the next 2WTD event!

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