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Daryl P

Name: Daryl P

City: San Clemente, CA

Race #: N/A

Motorcycle: RSV4R

Favorite Track: Laguna Seca is always a special experience. Then I like Chuck followed by Buttonwillow.

How you we're introduced to the racetrack? I was living back East for work (DC area) in my mid 50’s. I met an older gentlemen selling BMW’s. He was a retired fighter pilot, F16’s I think. He only sold bikes for something to do. He was in his mid 70’s, but was in better shape than I was. He asked if I rode track. I told him I always wanted to, but was WAY too old at this point. He laughed, and told me he took his 1000 RR to track regularly. I went out to Summit Point to watch, and he was FaF. I booked my first day after that and have been learning ever since.

What group do you ride in? A group

Next 2WTD event you plan on attending? I haven’t picked one yet, but I am the lucky recipient of Modesto’s track day give away.

Fun info: I’m a 5 time world champion in my other life (RC soaring). I’m a multi/instrument/commercial rated pilot. I design and fly for an Engineering firm in San Clemente.

Instagram name: @daryl_perkins1

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